DanWhyms "A Living Tribute To The Fabulous Johnny Cash "



"Dan, you're the closest thing yet, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. "
Marshall Grant , Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two
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"Dan does a very moving, loving and historical tribute show to Johnny Cash and his music and I am proud to be a part of it from time to time."
Earl Poole Ball , Johnny Cash Pianist
"Having worked with Johnny Cash for many years, I think he would be proud of this living tribute to his music. Dan has captured the spirit that made Cash's music so special."
Duane Allen, The Oak Ridge Boys
"I am by nature usually pretty leery of "impersonations". But after meeting and hearing Dan I realized that he was no impersonator. Dan is the "real deal." His dedication to the music of Johnny Cash, as well as his respect for the man's legacy, quicky gained my respect. It is my belief that you will feel the same."
Ron Fairchild, The Oak Ridge Boys Band